Your Close Relation

Bro. Zion Prem Kumar.

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Who is your close relation?

Friends, I don’t know about you. But all of my desire is to somehow introduce you to the person who is eagerly waiting for you every day.

The close relations we know in this world are our father, mother, siblings and other relatives.

Fine, I can understand your thoughts. We will also call our close friends as our close relatives. But there is a much closer relation of yours than everyone else stated above.

He is always pleading in prayer for you and me. He never sleeps nor slumbers. He is your shade upon your right hand. He will preserve you from all evil. He is preserving you in His hands while you go out and come in.

But, we are not bothered about Him who is very very near us. Leaving Him, we go after this worldly love, friendship and relations who are expected to help us when we help them or do good to them in return.


Question to ponder: If you ask your friends and relations whom you consider more dear to your heart, whether they would be able to give their only life for you, they might say just in words “Yes, I will” but in reality, that's impossible.


Even before we were born in this world, this close relation I’m talking about gave His own life for you by shedding His blood even to the last drop on the cross for you to be delivered from your sin, curse, sickness, poverty and death. Accept Him as your personal saviour, then you will experience and enjoy His love and His glory.


Wondering who is that close relation?

Yes, He is none other than Jesus Christ Himself. Though He is the Almighty God who created the heavens and earth, He will come near us and comfort us like our own father and mother.

Whatever you may be suffering with -  worry, weakness, fear, depression, anxiety, tiredness, vexation, go to Jesus Christ, your close relation as you would go to your mom, dad and friends. Jesus will sustain you.



Are you ready to accept Jesus as your personal close relation?


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