Thank God

I thank God for giving me this opportunity to share the experience I have gone through in the last 1 year the pandemic situation in my Personal, Professional, and Spiritual life.

From Day 1, when I joined in GAW Fellowship, Bro. Alfred Benjamin always encourages youths to have a Balanced and Successful life in Personal, Professional, and Spiritual in which he always stands before us as a great testimony. Learning this during my initial days with Bro. Alfred, I always work on these 3 aspects of life, and sometimes I have been very successful by God's grace and sometimes failed. One of my favorite books in the bible which I admire a lot and gives me more understanding over my personal, professional, and spiritual life is the book of “Proverbs”. 

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Personal Deliverance:

By the grace and will of God, I got married on 23rd Sep’19 and within 6 months of our marriage, it was in the month of Mar20 the whole world was declared pandemic nations. We all had a very tough time during the pandemic days and the same was for me. I had a few Ups and downs in my personal life and had a personal encounter with God.

THIS IS MY taste 14 Personal Deliverance: During this time, Bro. Alfred started taking a New Revelation in our CBZ on “MindControl”. CBZ (Character building session) was one of our weekly gatherings on Sundays where we use to meditate on heroes of the bible and learn more about their personal, professional, and spiritual character. The New Revelation on which we started meditating during our CBZ was from Proverbs 25:28: “A Man without Self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. In Connection to the same theme and verse we were taken to another verse in Proverbs 17:27: “he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding” The above revelation and verses changed my character during the pandemic.

I understood that the “Self-control and Cool spirit” are the 2 main characters which could turn or transform our life like a broken city into a colorful and brighter city, a broken garden into a beautiful garden, a garden full of singing birds, a garden full of cheerful waters and a garden of shelter, a broken palace into a palace build on many Colorful and Valuable stones, a palace that gives shelter to the poor and the needy ones. After started meditating on these verses we started proclaiming the above lines as we are the one among that beautiful city, garden, and palace. We see in the verse that the man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls but the man with Self-control and a cool spirit will be like a strong unbroken city with great walls.

This revelation gave me more understanding while I was in the initial days of my marriage days and in the month of May, myself and my wife met Bro. Alfred and he prayed for us. The same month my wife was carrying our child and on 12th Feb21 we were blessed with a Boy baby and named him Immanuel Reuel. Immanuel means “God with us” and Reuel means “Friend of God”. As the verse says in Psalms 127: 3 “children are god's heritage” and by this, we were blessed with this personal deliverance having learned how to be self-controlled with a cool spirit.

God’s People should clearly understand that the evil spirit disturbs God's family in 2 main things. One is bringing in more discomfort, misunderstandings in the family and keeping them away from God’s presence and other one is leading them towards poverty and not making them to participate in the fellowship by thinking more about our future. God’s people should now learn to be Self-Controlled and should have a cool spirit to overcome the 2 challenges and lead a successful life. Thus, the Revelation stirred up me to start analyzing the Gaps within me and overcome those challenges to move closer to God and with everyone with a Cool spirit and Self-controlled.

Breaking the Challenges in my Professional Carrier

God even blessed my professional carrier during the pandemic days. It was a challenging time for all Corporate and IT sectors as most of the companies started working from home and it’s been 16 months now, I am working from home. With God's grace, I was able to manage my office work from home.

During the pandemic and lockdown situation, my reporting boss got resigned and we got to work with a new boss and he got shifted from head office to regional office. 

Since I knew him very well during our internal workshops conducted in our company, I used to give presentations during the sessions, this gave us a very good understanding and made me report to him directly. It was really God’s hand with me to have a known person during pandemic and WFH situations.

Usually, when we get a new boss we need to prove them a lot on our abilities and skills but this incident made my work easier during the pandemic and I got a new position as a “Data Analyst Lead” and full freedom to work with everyone which motivated me a lot and during my recent conversation with my boss for the year appraisal he gave me this feedback that .

I have very Good Interpersonal skills - it’s a behavior and tactics a person uses to interact with others and in the business world, the term refers to an employee's ability to work with others. Since my boss was very close, many were against me but God gave his knowledge to overcome all situations by his grace. I was able to activate this character through all the learnings learned in CBZ to have Self-control and a Cool spirit and to be very wise in taking responsibility. 

One needs to Just activate this character as these are inbuilt and we are created in God's own image. In addition to the above testimony, I was able to complete my MBA degree during the pandemic situation and I thank God for all his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

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Spiritual Deliverance:

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Spiritual life was even challenging for me, but the pandemic situation taught me many lessons to know more about biblical knowledge and to read the bible regularly. We had a regular family prayer both in the morning and evening. Recently I started reading a book called “You can have new beginning” from ‘Morris Cerullo” it was given to us as a gift on our 1st year wedding anniversary. A few of the Great lines are still in my mind like “Don’t let the past dictate your future”, “Taking Control of your mind”, “Spiritual activity could be understood by spiritual mind only”, “Key Strategies of Satan – Discouragement, Depression, Wrong attitude, emotions, fear etc. This combined study of personal bible reading on mind control and study during CBZ by Bro. Alfred trained my spiritual mind gave me more insights on mind control to have spiritual deliverance.

I would also like to share the unimaginable loss for me personally and GAW team on Bro. Victor journey from earth to heaven. We lost a lovable brother during the pandemic but God comforted us through the visions and dreams he has shown to Bro. Alfred and confirmed that is death was for a greater purpose. God showed this incident in a dream 3 to 4 months back to Bro. Alfred and Bro. Alfred was seeing me carrying Bro. Victor's coffin box for the final burial and he has written this dream in his diary. One month later after Bro. Victor death and thanksgiving prayer, Bro. Alfred was going through his vision diary and noticed that he has written the same incident and the same day of Bro. Victor's funeral service due to pandemic only 5 of our youths were able to conduct the funeral and I was one who was carrying the coffin box.

It was a great surprise to see the spiritual connection and God's greater plan. This motivated me to be in his presence to get those spiritual visions. Before Bro. Victor's departure from earth, we all had a blessed Shekinah meet as a live for the first time and we all experienced the presence of God with him. I Thank God for giving such a spiritual experience with Bro. Victor during his last days of ministering with us. Apart from the above spiritual experience, God used me as a vessel in translation ministry from English to Tamil from one of our CBZ sessions followed by Shekinah and Bro. Victor testimony.

Translating from English to Tamil, I haven’t practiced or heard before but one thing which Bro. Alfred always motivates us is do things that are impossible and when we are not trained for that. This gave me hope to participate in the translate ministry and keep improving on it.Till now God has been very faithful in building me in personal, professional, and spiritual life and I request all to keep praying for me, my wife Joyce Jenifer, and our little one Immanuel Reuel.

I know that these struggles are not the end as while I am completing this testimony one day before I was again put into a faith lesson in my personal life and I believe with his strength I could overcome any situation and we need to have a daily connection with God to overcome such situations in our day-to-day life.

Proverbs 3:5-6…. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths". 


Bro. Zion Prem